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Martika: (Mar-tea-kuh) noun; 1). See above 2). See below


I'm just a vagabond trying to find the right
place to settle down, and the right person to
live my days out with.


My boyfriend.

He has a nice ass. And it’s mine. ALL mine. <3

2 years ago
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Tomorrow afternoon.

It can’t come fast enough.

2 years ago
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iwywd-deactivated20111214 said: Why are you so amazing?

Because I have you to back me up.

2 years ago
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Psst! Hey you!

Have I told you about this guy I met? No?
Well, lemme let you in on something.

He’s amazing. He’s wonderful. He’s everything I’ve ever been looking for in anyone, and I’m not even kidding.

His name is Travis, and I’m in love!

2 years ago
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